More Creamy Goodness…!

More MAKEUP FOR EVER Aqua Creams. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE these! I used them recently for a fashion show…

The designer asked for ‘Blade Runner meets Debutante.’ So this is what I did for her. A series of creams smudged pretty much all over the face. Darker colors for the eyes, an iridescent peach for the cheeks, and a pinky nude (with a sheer gloss) for the lips. She seemed happy, so I imagine the look was a success. Aqua Creams work better with fingers, in my opinion. Easier to manipulate all over the face. Keep plenty of sanitizing gel on hand!
Here are swaths of my latest additions:

#9 (Salmon Pink)
#13 (Iridescent Peach)
#5 (Iridescent Pink)
#4 (Blue Based White)

#21 (Iridescent Teal)
#17 (Iridescent Violet)
#28 (Matte Fuschia)

I can’t get enough of these creams. I hope they catch on. Right now, I feel like they’re leading the way in cream colors. Here’s to lots of Creamy Goodness!


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