Photoshoot in Hollywood

Practice makes perfect… or so they say. Since I  began this journey, I’ve found that I am faster and more precise than ever. Confidence is key, and a little bit of skill probably helps. We had a total of  7 models. There were three makeup artists. I did four (but will only claim three). Another artist did two, and the third did one. Here are some bootleg shots behind the scenes. The following are two of my models.

Is she totally ‘Miami’ or what? I had a ball working with her. Just as energetic and sweet as she is beautiful. 

A slight, sweetheart of a young woman. She’s on the opposite side of the spectrum. Very petite and very pale. This was a shot of her before her hair was done. 
The third model was out getting her picture taken; I never got a ‘focused’ shot of her so I’ll have to wait on the photographer to provide me with professional grade pictures. The fourth wanted makeup that was ‘headshot’ worthy. Booo. I did a very natural look and sent her on her way. When I left, she was still getting her pictures taken. Hopefully, one of the remaining artists glammed her up for other things. That’s why I won’t claim her. She was sweet, and her face was a clean canvas. I hope someone brought out her potential.
That was my weekend. Makeup, makeup and more makeup. Professional pictures to come…


  1. beFrank says:

    Seven? Hey, you're missing one. Check my promo card.Also Mandy showed up after you left.

  2. ShahadaKarim says:

    I don't count anyone who wasn't there when I was! lol

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