Month: June 2010

My Sustainable Journey…. SWATCHES!

Okay, here are the swatches… as promised many moons ago: Behold the golden goodness that is TART Glam Gams! When I tell you that you can put this lovely gel based gold ANYWHERE… believe it! It goes on like a solid golden swath:    But it blends out beautifully, giving the

The Wrapup

So, I park… get in line… get out of line… park AGAIN… experience IMATS… 3 hours later I emerge exhausted but victorious! I got just about everything I wanted. I resisted the massive spectacle that was the MAC display, despite the gaggle of gorgeous new glitters! Eh…I can get them

IMATS: Creature Feature

I have no words. Really.        

IMATS: The Spectacle

SKILLS!!! The makeup artists behind these looks are NOT to be trifled with! When I tell you they were CLOCKING IN on these makeup creations… RESPECT THE SKILLS…. RESPECT THE SKILLS I SAY!              

IMATS: The People

The IMATS attendees deserve their own post. THERE WERE 4,000 artists and what not at this event! You saw the line… you KNOW that I’m not exaggerating! And even when I came back out of the event to move my car, the line was STILL GROWING! Look at this madness:

IMATS: 2010

IMATS = International Makeup Artists Trade Show. Okay, I’m going to make you walk with me through this journey… because it’s an interesting one. Out of bed by 7:00am… at the Pasadena Convention Center by 8:30am. Parking at the convention center is SOLD OUT. The show started at 8:30. WTH?

Pool Party @ The Palazzo!

Pool Party/Fashion Show Venue: Palazzo West LADesigner: Pamela GProvisional Clothing: EM & Co.Makeup: Shahada Karim This is what ‘neon orange lips’ looks like in motion…Only the host (Monique Stateena of ANTM fame) was exempt.  

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