Beauty Breakdown: Construction Orange Lips

Orders from the designer at a recent fashion show were simple but precise: Orange Lips. Bright construction orange lips with a nearly day glo quality to them.
These are my bootleg blackberry pictures. You will be asked to ignore the quality until I can replace them with professional pictures of the actual show.
Now, you’d think that orange lips would be easy… right? Not. Especially with the intensity that the designer insisted on. They are just as challenging as the perfect red lip. So here’s what I armed myself with:
MAC Lip Pencil in ‘Temperature Rising’
MUFE Aqua Cream in #10 (the orange one)
MAC Lip Gelee in GoldenSoft
I didn’t prime the models’ lips because I wanted the color to STICK to them through talking and drinks and fashion show madness.
1) I lined and filled the lips with Temperature Rising.
2) I then painted #10 over the lips like a lipstick, using a Shu Uemura lip brush.
 3)I painted Goldensoft over the whole thing.
 Their lips made it through wardrobe changes, quick hits of sangria between changes, and a bit of partying afterwards. The eyes were simple… I just dotted gold aqua cream on them and applied false lashes. No liner. Foundation is Bobbi Brown mixed with the tiniest bit of bronze pigment.
The designer wanted them fresh and a little dewy, with bright orange lips. I hope she was happy with the results.


  1. I love orange lips especially in Summer.

  2. Definitely one of my favorite lipstick colors… definitely.

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