IMATS: 2010

IMATS = International Makeup Artists Trade Show.
Okay, I’m going to make you walk with me through this journey… because it’s an interesting one.

Out of bed by 7:00am… at the Pasadena Convention Center by 8:30am.

Parking at the convention center is SOLD OUT. The show started at 8:30. WTH?

I park at a meter (only good for an hour) with plans to get in line and get my wristband for my prepaid ticket (purchased in February). This is the line:

No, seriously…
What the… are they for real…?
The entire wait took 45 minutes. Did I mention that I only had an HOUR on the parking meter???? So, after grabbing my wristband…
… run back out to the car and move it into the mall parking structure across the street! I am so happy to find a parking space (after searching for half an hour) that I neglect to note WHERE I parked. This is important … you’ll see why later. Clutching my parking ticket, purse, and camera… I run back to the Convention Center, secretly hoping all the things I want will still be there when I get in!
Next post:
My IMATS Experience
(in pictures)

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