Month: July 2010

Sugar High!!!!

More goodies from Sugarpill! Sweetheart Palette (top) Cold Heart Palette (bottom) From left: Bulletproof Dollipop Midori Afterparty Toko Loose Eyeshadows: Royal Sugar (top) Lumi (middle) Magpie (bottom) From left:  Royal Sugar Lumi Magpie (black based teal) Royal Sugar Magpie Advertisements

Just Pop a SugarPill!

In a world of perfectly matched, neutral, heavily blended formulas… a colorful woman by the internet name of ‘Shrinkle’ has found the cure for the common makeup rut. Her advice: Just pop a SUGARPILL. That’s the name of her new makeup line. I learned about it from the bloggers at

For Your Eyes Only

I’ve never made this claim before: Giorgio Armani ‘EYES TO KILL’ Mascara is the best product in its class on the market right now. Period. Take it from a mascara fiend… I’ve tried them all. I’ve used everything from Great Lash (garbage) to MAC Studio Fix Lash (good) Lancome Hypnose

Lip Service

So… I thought I’d pay a little ‘lip service’ to some of my recent favorites. I’m just getting the hang of this swatch thing… so bear with me. First things first: The rest of my OCC Lip Tars came! Yayyy!!! They are all just STUNNING. And when I tell you

Purple Reign

In makeup, purple (or plum) is likely my second favorite color (falling closely behind black based red). Variations of this lovely hue are scattered throughout my kit and personal makeup collection. The invention of several new versions of purples and plums are what prompted this entry. Some of my favorites:

IMATS: The Haul

As promised… here is what I got from IMATS. I wanted to get more… but the truth is that MOST of that stuff can be gotten cheaper (I see you MAC with your 20% show discount) and with less drama (Just Say NO to the 2 hour wait at Make

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