For Your Eyes Only

I’ve never made this claim before:
Giorgio Armani ‘EYES TO KILL’ Mascara is the best product in its class on the market right now. Period. Take it from a mascara fiend… I’ve tried them all. I’ve used everything from Great Lash (garbage) to MAC Studio Fix Lash (good) Lancome Hypnose (really good), Dior Blackout Mascara (excellent), to YSL False Effects (fabulous). 
This stuff beats them ALL. 
First of all, it comes in a tube that looks like something out of a James Bond movie: pewter colored, with the feel and weight of lead. Just gorgeous. And no stickers on this little baby… the name of the company and product is literally BRANDED into the tube. 
As a girly girl who likes fabulous (and expensive looking) things, this tube takes the cake.
To the test…
This is my eye with no mascara or curling:

This is my eye with two coats of ‘Eyes To Kill’. No curling.
If I had a complaint (because really, I don’t have one), it would be that this mascara carries no fragrance. One of the perks of YSL mascaras is that they reek of rose oil. It’s just divine, and makes it a joy to use the mascara. When that smell is gone, it’s time to toss the tube. ‘Eyes To Kill’ has no scent, which I’m told makes many people very happy. I like for things to smell good.. it’s my thing. But for someone who doesn’t want any fragrance in their products, this is the mascara for you.
I love this stuff. Seriously. Until someone comes up with something better… and I mean MUCH BETTER…  Giorgio Armani ‘Eyes To Kill’ is my mascara of choice.


  1. Yay!! I'm so glad you agree with me! This was my first really high end mascara purchase and it was so utterly amazing I've been too afraid to try anything else. I don't think I need to LOL

  2. It's great stuff, right? I love it. I love Eyes To Kill. It remains my favorite.

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