Month: August 2010

Winding Down…

An unexpected gig doing makeup for the Emmy’s had me on my feet most of the day… I’m happy to be home, burning a Himalayan Salt candle to help me wind all the way down. And funnily enough, I’m actually watching the Emmy’s. Bear with me, I’d like a little

Rain Of Flowers

MAC’s new Nail Trend collection features a rather distinct purple… called Rain of Flowers. It’s stunning. A warm purple shot though with a blue shimmer… it really exceeds my expectations: I’ve said it before: I never met a purple that I didn’t like. This time is no different. It may

Lashing out.. in Color

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ve long associated colored mascaras with the opulence of the ’80’s. Like minks dyed the most obnoxious shade of fuschia, they’ve always seemed to me an indulgence without a truly satisfying reward. Add to that the rather disappointing color payoff for women of color…

Poolside @ The Palazzo East

Here are some random shots from the fashion show…

Professional Grade: Smokey & Nude

Here’s a rather rough draft of a ‘look’ that I did for a fashion show this week: FACE: Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation in Natural Chanel Bronze Universal Tarte Glam Gams Bronzing Gel (on apples of cheeks) EYES: MUFE Aqua Cream in #13 MUFE Aqua Black (on and under lashline) Guerlain

Beauty Breakdown: Headshot

Sometimes I feel like in principle, headshot makeup is like wedding day makeup: It should be you, on your best day. The makeup should not overwhelm your entire look (head to toe); instead, it should complement it in an almost unnoticable way. Naturally, dramatic/unusual looks for brides and specialty headshots

A little perspective…

Sometimes the right shot makes all the difference in the world… Now THIS is what I had in mind when I did the makeup. My fault for not really taking the time to match the clothing with the look. Up close, she looks beautiful.  But when paired with the very

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