By Terry

I think I’ve found a  new love… and her name is Terry.

A former woman of influence at YSL (LOVE the brand), Miss Terry decided to strike out on her own and start a simplified line based on creating a flawless face… period.
I stumbled upon the line while leaving the YSL counter (imagine that) and making my way out of the store. Space NK called to me — and the lovely Miss Amanda taught me all there was to know about ‘By Terry.’
This foundation is DIVINE. It’s like Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation (another favorite), but lighter. The down side is, the color I hold in my hand is the deepest shade that’s offered. Miss Terry… consider this your notice.
This lipgloss… OMG! Divine! It’s called Devil Rose. C’mon… you can’t make this up! It’s actually a lovely shade of purple based pink:
The price point is high. Period. Not a little high, not sort of high, just HIGH. Higher, in fact, than YSL. So, think carefully about what you want… take your time…. and choose wisely. I’m pretty sure that By Terry will make it worth your while.

One comment

  1. I had this foundation but gave it away to a friend.. It didn't work well on my large pores as it just decided to accentuate them even more.. Glad u like it tho =)

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