Beauty … Camera … ACTION!

I’ve posted her before…

But in the shoot featuring Ericka (one of my favorite models), we had multiple shooters. In the end, the ultimate image is in the eye of the photographer:

These have a distinct ‘sports’ feel to them. Ericka is a dancer (as if you couldn’t tell) and these shots really capture her strength and ability. I like them as much as the beauty shots (which are more about my work than hers… lol). I appreciate both views… and I’m in awe that two different people shot these pictures, and those I’ve posted before, and managed to get completely different ‘feelings’ from the same subject.
Kudos to both!

One comment

  1. RaisaBelle says:

    The last 3 pics are spectacular! I love the way the photog caputured her movements and her expressions look like shes having SO much fun.

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