My Holiday 2010: Favorite Things (nude lips)

If you thought finding the perfect peach anything was difficult, try searching for the perfect nude lippie! I’m always perplexed by the ‘nude’ selections from any given makeup line, as in truth they are more like an unflattering pink for any skin tone darker than ‘fair.’

In the past, to get that perfect nude… I’d typically have to mix three or four shades from lip liner to lip gloss to get the ideal shade.

But these days, it looks like more and more universal ‘nude’ shades are showing up… WHOO HOO!!!! From lip liners to lipstick, to lip cremes, and lip gloss… the idea of an actual nude lip on a person of color is more of a reality than ever before.

Here are a few of my favorites:


Chanel’s lip pencil in ‘Cognac’ is more nude than brown. The neutral color stays cool without going ashy on darker skin tones.

Same goes for Chanel’s lip pencil in ‘Nude.’ It’s ACTUALLY nude on darker skin tones, instead of pink or ashy beige.

Make Up For Ever makes a great waterproof version with their lip pencil in 1C. It goes on a deep nude for fair skin tones, and an actual nude on darker skin tones. I’m on my third pencil… this one gets a lot of use on clients and on me.


There’s an unexpected treasure at your local Shiseido makeup counter: a lipstick called BE333. It’s a beige color from their ‘Perfect Parfait’ line. Shockingly, it’s a universal beige … with little to no pink undertones. I was so nervous about this color until I actually tried it on. It’s a creamy formula that wears all day, and never goes pink on my warm skin tone. I bought a backup. It’s that good.

Chanel produced a gem in the Holiday 2010 Collection: The Patchouli Lipstick is simply stunning on medium and darker skin tones. The darker the skin color, the more ‘pink’ the color will go… but it stays a flattering version of a ‘nude’ without ever going ashy. I think it’s the gold flecks in it. It works very well on all skin tones, and adjusts accordingly. On me, it’s nude. Anyone lighter than me would likely get a ‘brown’ result, and any one darker will lean more toward a pink based nude.

The only real ‘workable’ nude lip creme I’ve been able to find is from Beaute Cosmetics. Their Weightless Lip Creme in ‘Severine’ is just stunning. It’s an opaque beige color that can be sheered out. I do not recommend this for skin tones darker than medium… at least not without some correction. You’d likely need a darker nude or lighter brown pencil to bring the color together. This isn’t really a ‘stand alone’ product… it needs a little coaxing for proper shape and shading.

This isn’t really a lip creme, but it kind of falls in that category. OCC Liptar in Petty Beige makes for a stunning nude, when used properly. Like all lip tars, a little goes a VERY long way. This the most flattering for me when used with a darker nude lip pencil (like Chanel’s Cognac) or a touch of the OCC Liptar in Fondue (a dark brown) around the edges as a lip liner. The Liptar formula is moisturizing, and boasts incredible staying power. I maintain that this product is still the best in their entire makeup collection.
There is only one.
Chanel’s Rouge Allure Lip gloss in Insouciance is THE BEST NUDE LIPGLOSS ON THE MARKET. Period. It’s not shimmery or glittery… but creamy and semi-opaque. And it’s a true nude. Not pink. Not brown. Not gold. Just nude. I love this lip gloss… it’s really a treasure. This gloss stays in heavy rotation because you can use it alone (without a mirror. It’s virtually idiot-proof), or layer it over a nude lipstick or any other color. You do NOT need a liner with this gloss. It goes on, it’s not sticky, it stays put, and wears beautifully. I highly recommend it! 

There it is… my pics for the perfect nude lip this Holiday season… and any season beyond. Thanks for indulging me (yet again). Ciao for now!



  1. Raisa says:

    Thanks so much for this post. I've just about giving up on finding a flattering nude for my skintone. Lately I've been using a bit of the Kevin Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer dotted very lightly over my lips with a bit of clear gloss. I'd love to try the Shiseido or Chanel lippies since they look very promising!

  2. ShahadaKarim says:

    You're welcome! I know that coming up with the perfect nude is such a challenge…The Shiseido lipstick is such a surprise. I really like it! If I had to choose, I'd even pick that as a nude over Chanel. Patchouli is awesome, but for a foolproof nude, Shiseido really comes out on top.

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