MAC Viva Glam: Gone Gaga… again

The makeup universe is buzzing over the release of the latest addition to MAC’s Viva Glam series: Gaga II

LOVE this promotional picture… just stunning! And the color is much more wearable this time. Folks were mixing the first Viva Glam Gaga with all manner of browns and nudes… trying to bring that ashy pink down to help it translate in real life application.

100% of the proceeds for Viva Glam go to AIDS Research. I have every Viva Glam prior to this one… so it was a no brainer for me to get this set. I ordered it online… because I’m not interested in braving the frenzy to get it at a local store.

Swatches and a review pending….

Stay tuned!



  1. sugar sugar says:

    Swatches and review please!!! I hope this lives up to expectations. x)

  2. ShahadaKarim says:

    I hope it does too sugar. You know the minute I get it, I'll give a review. Despite my prejudice against MAC lipglass (too sticky!) — I got it because I'd heard that there was a 'reformulation' underway. Here's hoping.

  3. I want it! I'm going to get it, just don't know when yet:) I'm a big fan of the Viva Glam series.

  4. Sher says:

    thanx for sharing hun,reviews&swatches please

  5. ShahadaKarim says:

    Of course you MUST have it Ms Viva Glam! After all… it's your namesake!Sher, as soon as it arrives, I'm definitely giving a review… swatches and all!

  6. YB* says:

    I want this so bad! I've been looking for a nude colored lipstick!

  7. GirleeCat says:

    Great blog!! I entered to win the contest, but I'm not sure I did it right. Either way, I'm jockin that Viva Glam set HARD!!! Awesome pick for a prize, btw!!! Please follow me when you get a chance:

  8. ShahadaKarim says:

    I just got the notice that my goodies are at my local post office! I'm picking them up tonight… so as soon as I get them, I'll swatch them and let you guys know what I think!GirleeCat if you're a public follower, then you're automatically entered in any contest on this blog.

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