MAC: In Extra Dimension (Dark Dare)

The concept of this new collection is cool. But in reality, much of the collection is a yawn. The shadows and Mineralize powders feature a fabulous wave pattern, and are highly pigmented (with extremely high shine on the Mineralize powders), but we’ve seen these colors before. For me, the only thing that warranted a purchase was the eyeshadow in Dark Dare.

 It’s not actually black. It’s more of a very very dark grey, with a bit of a shimmer. I like it because it blends out BEAUTIFULLY and works well for either a soft or intense smoky look. I also like the way it blends out with other colors. I played with it quite a bit before making a decision, and decided that it was definitely worth the $$.

I applied this swatch with a soft brush. The formula is silky… which I like. For me, this was the winner in the collection  Everything else, I feel like I’ve kind of seen before.



  1. sugar sugar says:

    i hardly ever purchase anything from MAC but i agree with you the patterns on this collection is very pretty. i was curious about the mineralize skin finish but i guess i would have to go and check it at the mac counter since it might be a bit too shimmery. :)by the way, have you ever tried becca makeup? i know it's not related to the topic but i'm curious about what you think of the brand.

  2. I love the look of that. Especially that the shimmer is so subtle. You really have me tempted with your description of the formula. I may have to check this out. I have ignored MAC for so long.

  3. Sugar, I have tried a little bit of Becca. I used to have the Stick Foundation, but I found it very drying. I also have one of the cream shadow formulas (Gilt). I have to explore the brand more… it's VERY extensive though. Like Inglot, I've found myself a bit overwhelmed with the selection. I do want to pay more attention to Becca in the future though.

  4. I like it Perilously Pale. I really like that it blends out so well. Sometimes, unless they contain a high dose of shimmer, darker colors tend get a bit 'chalky' when you try to blend them.The shimmer in this is very subtle (you have to look for it), and the formula is noteworthy. It really plays well with other shadows and formulas. I like that.

  5. sugar sugar says:

    i have to agree with you. they do have so many products. the beach tints are nice but drying on the lips. they have such a wide variety of products that i want to try.oh, i really like their concealer and foundation brush. if ever you end up getting any brush from them let me know what you think. 🙂 thank you!

  6. I definitely will Sugar. I didn't even know that they HAD brushes! Now I'll definitely have to take another look at Becca…

  7. XXXX says:

    This color looks very rich and deep. I can't wait to go swatch these and see the formula for myself, even if the colors are nothing new.

  8. It is a very rich color. This is definitely my favorite of the bunch. The mineralize powders had WAY too much shine for me, so I passed. But I really loved this eyeshadow.

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