Illamasqua Skin Base: AU

I wanted to love this.

After falling all over myself over the original Skin Base formula, I was only too eager to try the new ‘illuminating’ version of the fantastic makeup  base. So I plunked down a few $$ and asked Illamasqua to ship it to me right away.

Like the original Skin Base, AU comes in a standing tube. Same size: 1oz

Because I’ve experienced that ‘less is more’ with Skin Base, I used just a tiny bit to swatch…

See how it kind of rubs out like foundation… with no shimmer? When I first saw this I was worried. But somehow, the glitter (it’s really  not shimmer… it seems more like glitter), sort of rises to the surface as you blend it out:

See how it looks kind of ‘glittery’… especially around the edges of the picture? I feel like this is a product that might need one more pass before it can claim perfection. I don’t mind it on the body, but I can see this being an issue for ‘highlighting’ the face. I was honestly expecting the fabulousness of Skin Base, with maybe the lighting qualities of the Rock & Republic Illuminizer (which I’d pay good money to get my  hands on again).

So for me, the jury is still out… WAY out. I know I’m going to have to do some mixing to keep it from going glitterbomb on the planes of the face.

We’ll see.



  1. shontay07108 says:

    I'll pass on this. Every time I go to Sephora I look at the skin base foundation, but then I remember that you're between shades, right? I don't want to have to mix anything. That's why I haven't bought it.

  2. Yep… I'm between #14 and #15. I definitely have to mix to get my perfect shade. But I swear Shontay, this foundation… OMG. It just looks like skin. And you use SUCH a little bit to get the job done.But you are totally going to have to mix, because you're in between shades like me. Not a fan of AU out the gate though. That glitter is not cute. I'm going to mix it with some other stuff and see what happens.

  3. Yikes glitter? I can handles some sheen or refined shimmer but glitter in foundation? Just seems like a no no all the way around.

  4. I'm going to give it a chance Perilous. I must admit, the glitter threw me for a loop. I really don't think this product is meant to be worn alone, unless you're going for some sort of avante-garde expression. I think it'll work best if it's mixed.

  5. I'm sad this stuff didnt't work out. In theory I thought it would be fabulous since the original was so great. I hate hate hate glitter all over my face. Maybe it can be used to highlight certain areas and not as an all over foundation?

  6. I've been experimenting with it, blending it with different foundations and primers. It's definitely a product to be mixed. I would not recommend using it all alone, because that glitter factor becomes very obvious. If you use just a little bit with other foundations, the glitter becomes more of a 'shimmer.' I mixed it with a little lotion and it made a lovely tinted illuminizer. On the up side, because you use so little to mix and use, it'll last a VERY long time.

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