Lashing Out: LUS Eye Liquid Glue

This is kind of a big deal.

Anyone use MAKE UP FOR EVER False Lashes? You know that little tube of lash glue that comes with them… amazing stuff. The iridescent formula is thin, easy to apply, and there is NO wait time. For pros, this is huge because there’s nothing more annoying than waiting on that glue to dry… especially if you’re in a time crunch. And if you slap the lashes on too soon… they come right off. Boo!

LUS Eye Liquid Glue is the same formula as the MAKE UP FOR EVER version! It’s the same color, texture, and performs the exact same way. And you get a LOT more product to boot! Plus, it’s only 4 bucks. Not too shabby right? I am over the moon about this.

It comes with a lovely applicator and a tool to set your lashes just right. I’m so freakin’ excited. I already tried them with a pair of falsies and I’m happy to report that this formula is excellent. Looks like my tubes of DUO will be set aside… at least for the time being.

You can find out more about LUS Eye Liquid Glue HERE.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for figuring this out!! Sephora doesn't use this kind of glue anymore in their false eyelash kits and I have run out of the stuff I had! I was devastated!

  2. You're so welcome! This stuff is GOLD. I love it!

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