Lip Service: Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge

I really didn’t expect to be impressed.

First of all, the new Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge lippies come in the most impractical of containers for me. Because they rely heavily on the provided applicators, I’d have to do a little extra to stock them in my kit. Second… how amazing could they actually be?

So, I wandered into Naimies and bought the one color that interested me (darkest reddish brown) on a whim. I mean… if the formula was unimpressive, at least I had a color that I liked.

I unceremoniously removed the color wand to inspect the formula. Not bad. Reminds me a bit of Chanel’s Rouge Allure Laque (now discontinued).

I put it on… and WOW.

Completely opaque color. Adheres INSTANTLY to the lips. Sets immediately. No wait time, and no stress that you’re going to muck up the the ‘clear gloss’ wand on the other end.

To be safe, I added the clear gloss to the back of my hand, then applied it with my finger. Here’s what happened:

Seriously? Ugh… I’m in love. But how do I know that this lip miracle is really going to stay put through the daily rigamoro of life?

Right. With the exception of a little extra color that I had on the inside of my lips… there is virtually NO TRANSFER.

Well alrighty then. You know what this means. I’m going to need one in every single color.



  1. shontay07108 says:

    I'm glad you're impressed. I snatched up 4 of these a couple of months ago. I really love how comfortable they feel and how long they last.

  2. More than anything, I'm impressed by the instant adhesion of the formula, and lasting power. I'm in the middle of 'awards season' and I hate having to stress about how long a client's lip color will last. These will definitely help a lot.

  3. LOL They are awesome aren't they! I am well on my way to having them in every colour. You are right about the packaging though. I am going through a lot of disposable doe foot applicators having them in my kit. Worth it though!

  4. Perilous, you can actually get plenty of product with just a lipstick brush. Just pull the product off of the wand with a clean brush head. I just fill up the brush and apply accordingly. Only takes one 'fill up' so there's no danger of bacterial transfer. Save yourself some $$!

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