Chanel Holiday 2012: Eclats du Soir

Chanel has officially released its holiday collection. Eclats du Soir focuses on gold and burgundy… including the most amazing nail polish I’ve seen in a LONG time.

Thanks to Shontay, I checked my local Macys and found that they’d just put the collection out…

These were my favorites from the collection:
Glossimer in Intrigue
Eyeshadow Quad in Harmonie du Soir
Nail Polish in Malice
Illusion d’Ombre in Apparence.
Harmonie du Soir

I started to take a second pass at the new Rouge Allure Velvet, but it pulls so purple that I think it looks kind of goth. Love the quad and LOVE the nail polish. In fact, I think I may have to go back for another. It’s that good.



  1. shontay07108 says:

    Wow, I passed on the polish and didn't give it much of a look. Now, I'm starting to regret that! Maybe I'll pick it up. The quad is to die for and I'm trying it out for the first time later on today.

  2. Bristol says:

    Just got the quad and Rouge Allure lippie in L'impatiente in the mail the other day. The quad is absolutely amazing…worth every penny (which is many here in Canada.) It blends like a dream and there is ZERO fall-out. The lippie is even better than I had hoped for. It is now my darkest lipstick, but I love it. The only catch with the lipstick is that you MUST exfoliate, otherwise the colour is chunky, sticking to every dead skin cell, turning them a deep red-purple.

  3. Shontay I LOVE the polish. I'm a sucker for a deep red, and this is the best shimmer red I've seen in a very long time. The last one I loved like this was Black Cherry Chutney from OPI, and that's more of a purply-wine color. This is a true-wine burgundy, with burgundy shimmer. It's absolutely lovely.

  4. I love the quad Bristol! I'm on the fence about the Rouge Allure Velvet because it really pulls purple on me. I'd like it more if it pulled a bit more reddish or burgundy. I agree about exfoliating. I have to make sure my lips are smooth before I wear any of my Rouge Allure Velvets.

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