… truly brings out the best in us, and the WORST in us. I had a rather interesting weekend, after someone decided to help themselves to a gift card in my purse.

Yes, you read that right.

I was at Target to pick up food for the cat, and I pulled my wallet out of my purse to check my list. I noticed a woman hovering near my cart… middle aged… not particularly interesting in one way or another. I just assumed she was waiting for me to get out of the way (I was in front of a cash machine). She and I were the only people in that little area. Since I had my wallet in my hand, I felt a bit confident. Besides, who is REALLY interested in the contents of my boring purse?

This woman was. I swear I was distracted for just ‘seconds’ while I dug around my wallet for my list…

Just before I left the house for Target, I put a gift card from Bloomingdales into my purse. I intended to use it for one of the incomparable Hourglass Opaque Lip Rouges (ICON). So I went on with the business of getting the cat food, and left Target with not a care in the world. On the way to Bloomingdales, I reached into my purse to check that I’d in fact placed the card where I thought I placed it…

…and came up empty. This is the worst part. The card was attached to a special ‘thank you’ message from the store. The actual message card was still there… ripped a bit from where this person apparently ‘hurriedly’ removed the gift card.

I was SO UPSET. OMG. I called Stephanie Cooper (who takes amazing care of me at the Space NK store in Bloomingdales) and screamed and hollered. She told me that she wasn’t sure that the store would replace it, but she’d certainly call a manager and try.

I met with Stephanie and the manager (who asked me to please stop yelling and using bad language inside the store). He disappeared upstairs with my account card and some basic information. I let him know that it wasn’t that I wanted a ‘new’ card… I just wanted to make sure that the person who took my card wouldn’t be able to benefit from it.

He reappeared 10 minutes later with a new ‘handmade’ gift card. He was so kind (despite my agitated disposition). I was SO happy. I immediately got the ICON Lip Rouge, and a Sunday Riley lipstick for good measure.

The card wasn’t for much money. But that wasn’t really the point. I was devastated that someone would steal from me… and overwhelmed that Bloomingdales would address my misfortune with a replacement card quickly and efficiently.

So to the manager at Bloomingdales, and to Stephanie for calming me down and taking care of me (like she always does), I issue a very heartfelt THANK YOU.

And to the woman who took my gift card…

… I forgive you. I am sorry that you felt the need to steal. You’d be surprised at how easily your needs are met, if you simply ask.



  1. eight says:

    So horrible someone would steal from you! I'm glad they replaced the gift card though. A similar thing happened to my brother and his girlfriend when they moved into their house — his girlfriend had left her purse in the car in the driveway, which contained their gift cards they'd received for their housewarming. Someone broke into the car and stole all the cards… Thankfully, most of the stores were willing to replace the cards. Bed Bath & Beyond was very accommodating, for example.

  2. Thanks eight. I was MORTIFIED. It always seems so 'rare' until it happens to you. I'm so glad they accommodated me. i didn't even want a new card. I was just horrified at the whole ordeal.Their customer service is excellent.I agree with you about Bed Bath & Beyond. They have excellent service as well. I've had to deal with returns and refunds with them, and there's never any issue.

  3. ahhhsoNeo says:

    I am sorry this happened to you, and so happy that you blessed the woman.

  4. Thank you. It's all better now. The great thing is, is got sorted out and I was able to get another card. I know of much worse things that happen to people, so I can't get permanently bent about it.

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