Favorite Things 2012: Blush

This was a hard category to nail down, so I thought that I’d separate the blushes by finish to really narrow the focus on what I think stands head and shoulders above the rest.


For an amazing matte finish blush, you really can’t beat MAC. For years, MAC blushes have been my go to for strong matte color payoff and staying power. I’m a fan of all of the matte formulas, though I might be partial to sheertone blushes. I like them best because I can layer the color to the intensity I like without worrying that I’ve done too much.


I think you’d be hard pressed to find a  better shimmer formula than Chanel Joues Contraste. Their mattes can be hit and miss, but they knock the shimmer formulas out of the park every time. With the exception of maybe ONE color, most Chanel shimmer formulas are more shimmer and less glitterbomb. I find them subtle and elegant, and a lovely way to wear shimmer without going over the top. The color payoff is above average, and the staying power is excellent.


NARS makes the best cream formulas, hands down. What makes them particularly wonderful, is their lack of ‘slip.’ These formulas warm only to the touch… but once you apply them to the skin, they set right away. They work on bare skin (even oily skin), over makeup… and even over powder (if you need to intensify a bit after powdering the skin). I am absolutely in love with these blushes.


I’m just going to file this under ‘liquid’  because it’s thin enough to come out of a pump. It’s got a gel-like creamy consistency… but still. These formulas simply defy expectations. A very little bit goes a long way, and there is a shade for every skin tone. Like the cream blush, you can use this blush on any skin type. It sets nearly instantly and imitates a natural ‘flush’… like you were born blushing that way. Love.


By Terry Rose de Rose is the best shimmer liquid blush I’ve ever used… period. The teeniest amount adds a natural flush, and ‘light’ to the skin. It sets right away and wears beautifully. Plus, it smells divine. Every single time I use this on a client (for some reason, typically their eyes are closed) they catch a whiff and immediately want to know what I’m using. This stuff is amazing. I love it.

That’s it! Those are my Favorite Blushes… Ciao for now!



  1. Okay hold up…. where's Tom Ford? Honey he is not gonna be pleased that you left him out, his blushes scream and hollar sexy!

  2. LOL Lily! While the Tom Ford Blushes are highly pigmented, they are not the most practical for wide ranges of use. Some of them rely heavily on shimmer (not the lovely subtle kind) and they're not mistake-proof. They didn't make my list because although they scream and holler sexy… they don't stand up to the test of practical application.

  3. eight says:

    I need to wish on a shooting star for that Rose de Rose!

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