Glow On: Chanel MOUCHE DE BEAUTÉ Highlight

Do I really need another highlighter? Seriously? I silently wept when Chanel released the new Mouche De Beaute Highlighter this week, because there is the greatest chance that it will end up in my eager little hands.

I haven’t decided what to do just yet, especially because it reminds me a LOT of the Jasmine Highlighter from a few years back. Different design… same finish. I’m also still very enamored with the Spring 2013 version from the most recent collection.

We’ll see. Right now my CC is giving me the side eye because really… another day… another highlighter. Or is it?



  1. Taymom8 says:

    That's pretty. I'm wondering how it will look on WOC.

  2. I just ordered it yesterday and it shipped today, I can't wait to do a review.

  3. I actually resisted ordering it. I soooooooooo don't need another highlighter. lol

  4. BooBooNinja says:

    I don't want to be an enabler (especially since I'm trying to sell a back up of my favourite highlighter), but man… this one is a looker! I wouldn't blame you for succumbing.

  5. OMG BooBooNinja you are NOT helping! LOL It is gorgeous. I so don't need it though. We'll see… lol

  6. ahhhsoNeo says:

    I want to try this so badly. But I don't need another highlighter, especially at this price! Let's stay strong together:)

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