Lip Service: Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain (NEW COLORS)

The already fantastic YSL Glossy Lip stain now comes in a ton of new colors… I want to say there are at least 4, although I noticed as many as 10 that I’d never seen before. Three colors rose to the top of my ‘must have’ list: #29 (Rose Forreau), #21 (Orange Fusion) and #14 (Fuchsia Dore).

 Rose Forreau is not really rose at all. It’s a distinct, true peach… even on my warm skin tone. It’s really unexpected… and I imagine a bit misnamed. Orange Fusion is deeper and ‘richer’ than it’s predecessor (#8 Orange de Chine). And Fuchsia Dore is simply fabulous. It’s a rich Fuchsia shot through with a healthy dose of gold. 

All of these colors can be worn sheer, or layered for a deep, shiny, opaque color. They are simply amazing. I absolutely love them.

You can find out more about YSL Glossy Stains HERE.



  1. sharon p says:

    gorgeous shades,i havent tried these anytime im at the counter i get swallowed by e Rouge voluptes lol but i need one at least this year haha

  2. Thanks Sharon! I prefer these over the new sheers from YSL. These last a lot longer and the color payoff is amazing.

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