Lip Service: Lipstick Queen’s ‘Hello Sailor’

Anyone remember ‘mood’ lipsticks? They’d come in these weird shades of green and blue and orange… and they’d all turn this hideous shade of fuchsia on everyone. The idea that they actually adjusted to an individual ‘mood’ was just a sales gimmick. It was the same color… no matter who wore it.

Poppy King of Lipstick Queen has decided to take us back to the ‘mood lipstick’ era, with a new blue lipstick called ‘Hello Sailor.’

This blue lipstick actually does NOT turn the same color on everyone. I’ve seen some pale skinned beauties featuring a distinctly berry colored lip. On me, it’s more of a soft rose. It wears very neutral, and I think it’s safe to give this lipstick ‘apply in the dark’ status, because it’s pretty hard to get it wrong.

As I understand it, Hello Sailor is a Barney’s exclusive. You can find out more about this ‘updated’ version of the quintessential mood lipstick HERE.

*pr sample



  1. JennyD says:

    I picked this up at Barney's yesterday (after my disappointment at the Nordies event I traipsed over to NM/Saks/Barneys).I admit it's probably quite "faddish" but I like LQ in general, especially Jean Queen, and find the formula of Hello Sailor to be rather nice. On my lips it turns somewhat of a plummy berry color… but on others who are closer to NC10 I see it's closer to soft pink/rose.Even if it is a fad, I like this lipstick and have no regrets purchasing 🙂

  2. Lipstick Queen has great formulations in general, and Hello Sailor is no exception. It wears very comfortable. It is more expensive than the traditional colors ($18), but it's limited so I know that folks will have no problems snapping it up.

  3. Lizatish says:

    I'm a little hesitant to spend $25 on a blue lipstick (I normally go a little less expensive on lipcolor). Can you tell us if you would recommend this for someone with warm undertones? (I've been told I'm close to neutral, but still warm.)Thanks!

  4. Honestly, it's more about the novelty than the actual color. It's kind of cute to have a blue lipstick, but at $25 I completely understand your hesitation. The color payoff isn't noteworthy. I honestly think you'd be better served with a less expensive sheer nude or pink color that best flatters your skin tone.

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