Nordstrom Trend Event: The Burberry Gift

All of the beauty brands had gifts with purchase… consultations… gifts for saying hello… yada yada yada.

One of the most awesome gifts came from Burberry:

This insanely awesome makeup case (in rosy pewter) came with a makeup bag, a concealer sampler, three sample lipsticks (copper, antique pink & rosewood), a Kabuki brush, and an illuminating cube.

So cool. To the makeup counters that were handing out little bags of (normally free) samples with purchase… take note. THIS is how you give a gift.



  1. eight says:

    What a great gift! I love lipstick minis.

  2. I'll pay the copper color forward, as I already have one. But I'm excited to try out the others. I thought it was a great gift too. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    how can i get the makeup pouch!!!???? i love it!!

  4. The case and pouch were part of the same gift at the Burberry counter at Nordstrom.

  5. Anonymous says:

    not all nordstroms have a Burberry counter, can you specify which storethxx again

  6. Anonymous says:

    not all stores have a barberry counter,can you specify which site thxx

  7. The Nordstrom at Topanga Mall is where I got the gift.

  8. I went to a Burberry event last week at Nordstrom but my gift was not as wonderful as this one. Wow! I love that case and bag. Actually, I was pretty happy with the bag I got until I saw this one. Oddly enough, I bought Brown Sugar as well and have been wearing it all week.

  9. Burberry gives the best gifts. I got a heads up from Elina about this one. I love Brown Sugar. It wears so effortlessly.

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