Lip Service: MAC RiRi Woo

Okay, so at first I was not understanding the massive deal about this lipstick. I mean… it’s a Rihanna collaboration inspired by her favorite color… Ruby Woo, right? Since it’s not at all my favorite red (pulls scarlet on me)… I was set to pass. And then I thought… what the heck. So I clicked ‘buy’ — sat around in the MAC waiting room for a few minutes… and checked out.

It got here this week. And now, I take back everything I just said.

It’s not like Ruby Woo. It’s warmer and deeper, but with that same amazing matte finish. It doesn’t pull pink on my warm skin tone at all. I was also worried about it going on too dry (a problem with some mattes), but it goes on very smooth… grabs the lips… and stays put.

Now with the flash, this color appears to finish ‘satin’ … but it’s definitely matte. So I took a few shots outside in natural light.

Since this was a designer collaboration, the demand for this lipstick was insane. It sold out pretty quickly. Not to worry… it’s coming back in June. I feel that it’s worth the wait. I really like this lipstick. I didn’t expect to be impressed, but I am.



  1. BooBooNinja says:

    Isn't it plain awesome when you take a risk and it works out for the better?

  2. Yes! I'm glad I was proven wrong on this one. 🙂

  3. Hadia says:

    This is such a gorgeous shade, a must have.

  4. The good news is… it's coming back as part of a complete collection in June.

  5. cant wait for it to come back. thanks for the review…made me change my mind about getting it.

  6. You're welcome. Trust me, I was skeptical too. Lord knows I don't need another red lipstick. LOL

  7. BooBooNinja says:

    Especially since you were "tricked" into getting Shiseido Dragon. 😉

  8. Yes… tricked! That sounds about right. LOL

  9. The color is so lovely!

  10. I think it's definitely worth scoring when it comes back in June.

  11. Linda says:

    Beautiful! I'm glad I got this before I attempted to purchase Ruby Woo. I could immediately tell I'd only like the RiRi version.

  12. I like this much better than Ruby Woo. I'm glad you like it.

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