Mind + Body Beauty: Juice For Life

Since my juice cleanse in January, a lot has happened. My husband bought me a masticating juicer, and we’ve been experimenting with all kinds of fruits and veggies and nuts and what not. Truth be told, it’s more me than him. I do a cleanse once a month (to hit the reset button on my body), and I’m a huge fan of ginger shots.

Well, hubby decided that he wanted to do a cleanse for a day, so I put together three of my favorite basic recipes.

Orange Drink:
(alternative additions: Carrots/Mint/Grapefruit)
Green Drink:
(Possible Additions: Spinach/Dandelion/Fuji Apple/Broccoli/Cayenne)
Protein Smoothie:
Cashews/Organic Soy Milk/Organic Cacao Powder
(Possible Additions: Cinnamon/Dates/Filtered Water)
For his juicing needs, he had the orange drink as breakfast, two green drinks, and two protein smoothies. I normally do an orange drink, three green drinks, and one protein smoothie. There are other little drinks that I’ll make for sipping in between (Cucumber/Lemon/Mint is one of my favorites).
He’s at the end of his one day cleanse, and seems to be okay (I’ve been checking on him throughout the day.) Those amazing bottles are from Aquasana. They are 18 ounces and work like a dream. I’ve used other (smaller) bottles, but these are definitely my favorite.


  1. Lily Seymour says:

    I've been looking at high powered blenders but there's so many on the market, which kind do you use?

  2. I don't use a blender Lily. I use a masticating juicer (because it doesn't heat the juice and kill the enzymes). I have a Kuvings juicer. We found it on amazon.com.I want a hydraulic press juicer next… but that's a real investment. This one will do just fine for the next few years.

  3. Lily Seymour says:

    Okay thanks, I just ordered a Vitamax on an installment payment plan that I found on the website http://blenditandmendit.com/.

  4. Let me know how the Vitamax works out for you!

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