Eye Adore: Haughty Cosmetics!

Talk about the little company that could…

Haughty Cosmetics… the brand that brought you the weightless opaque lip gloss… has done it again. The company with the enormous heart (50% of all sales go to help prevent domestic violence), has released 12 new eyeshadows (6 matte… 6 shimmer) that challenge the quality of even the most established makeup brands!

Eyeshadow Quad
Eyeshadow Single

There are pre-made eyeshadow quads and singles, and refillable versions as well. Haughty offers the MAC equivalent of ‘pro pans’ of shadow, to mix and match as you please.

The Mattes:

Peace                  Grace             Determination
Ambition             Confidence              Strength
Peace   Ambition   Grace   Confidence   Determination   Strength
The Shimmers:
Awe                       Beauty                 Passion
Devotion                Courage               Bravery
Awe     Beauty     Passion     Devotion     Courage     Bravery
Every single shadow is rich and creamy and pigmented. They blow some mid-end to luxury grade eyeshadows out of the water. Really. And with the addition of shopping for a good cause, you really can’t go wrong.

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