Month: June 2013

PHAME Expo: The Overview (in pictures)

So… from the top: It was 90 degrees in Pasadena (at least that’s what my car said) by 8am. I saw some guests arriving in sky high heels with about 200 pounds of makeup on… whew, not the kid. I was stripped down with minimal makeup and flats. For me,

PHAME Expo 2013: MAC

One of the differences I noticed between PHAME and IMATS was more emphasis on artistry (and hair) and a bit less on sales. Instead of the massive sales booth that MAC normally sets up at IMATS, their display was much more centered on artistry and expression. The artists got to

PHAME Expo: Everyday Glamour with Valente Frazier

The Saturday Keynote Speaker for PHAME was none other than Valente Frazier. I made a point of getting to the expo to see him (I had to break my day up for a very special mommy-to-be). I always learn so much when he holds a demonstration. This time was no

PHAME Expo: Lash Love

  Another brand that caught my eye was Lash Love. Founded by two women in Washington DC, they offer faux and real mink lashes. They remind me a lot of Velour Lashes, with the addition of several interesting and unusual cuts (they have a 3/4 lash that I can’t wait

PHAME Expo 2013: Sauce Box

Like IMATS and The Makeup Show, there were the usual suspects at the show. But PHAME brought out a few new brands, that caught my attention. Sauce Box Cosmetics: I ran across this brand while wandering the floor. And I’ll be honest, the display didn’t exactly move me. I think

FOTD: PHAME Expo 2013

The first PHAME (Professional Hair and Makeup Expo) got underway today. Now that IMATS has morphed into… well… something else, this pro-invite event lured several hundred makeup adventure seekers to Pasadena to see what’s what. Now, it’s 100+ degrees these days (no… really), so I was not interested in wearing

Glow On: MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter in Light Boost

MAC released a series of ‘highlighting pens’ (cream… no shimmer) designed to add light to any part of the face that you wish to bring forward. The pen comes in three shades: Yellow (Light Boost), Pink (Radiant Rose), and Peach (Bright Forecast). Naturally, I ended up with yellow. There have

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