PHAME Expo 2013: MAC

One of the differences I noticed between PHAME and IMATS was more emphasis on artistry (and hair) and a bit less on sales. Instead of the massive sales booth that MAC normally sets up at IMATS, their display was much more centered on artistry and expression.

The artists got to work bright and early, first erecting a blank ‘canvas’ on the floor and back wall, then sketching in a design. Meanwhile, body paint artists got to work on a group of models.

As the day progressed, all of the colors started to come together for what became a really cool expression of form and color.

The MAC performance art display was the largest at the expo. I imagine that as the event grows, other brands will take notice and follow suit.



  1. ahhhsoNeo says:

    That's pretty impressive. How long did it take them to complete that? Very performance art.

  2. It took them about 7 hours… I think. When got there first thing in the morning, they were just setting up. I left the show and came back around 2pm, and they were finished.

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