Lip Service: MARC JACOBS Lip Gel in Seduce Me

Designer Marc Jacobs is collaborating with Sephora to release a full line of makeup. From brow gel to concealer to lipsticks, the line covers almost every aspect of making up — from start to finish. Jacobs says he was inspired to start playing with ‘color’ (his runway models have been traditionally ‘plain faced’ until recently), while working with Francios Nars.

One of the more interesting additions to the line is a ‘Lip Gel’ – which had me a bit confused at first. It looks like a lipstick (comes in a traditional lipstick tube, with a bullet reminiscent of a pair of Marc Jacobs pumps that I sported about 15 years ago). So I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it.

I have the color in ‘Seduce Me’ (the entire Marc Jacobs line features cheeky names… much in the spirit of NARS or OPI), which is a soft berry color.

Now, here’s why they call it a lip gel. You know those ‘jelly’ finishes you get from some nail polishes and lip glosses? This is a more ‘solid’ version of that finish. This lipstick is highly pigmented and moisturizing, and leaves a jelly like finish on the skin.

The formula is extremely comfortable on the lips. I put this lipstick on dry (nearly chapped) lips, and it plumped them up beautifully. Without makeup remover, this lipstick will leave a bit of a stain. I used makeup remover to get it off completely.

Marc Jacobs Beauty will be available August 9th, at Sephora and on You can preview the line HERE.

*pr sample



  1. Wow. Gotta love that pigmentation! I'm really looking forward to this line. I like the look of the shades and combinations they've come up with. Adding this one to my list…

  2. It's definitely pigmented Kate. I want to take a look at their other lippies and the eyeshadows as well!

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