Flawless Finish: Nars Radiant Cream Compact Foundation

Foundation Type: Cream
Skin Type: Normal/Combination
Coverage: Sheer to Medium
Finish: Skin-like NARS released a ‘cream compact’ foundation that initially had me looking at them like… no. What for? My oily skin has never met a cream foundation that it loved. Typically, I’ve found that they work on drier skin types. But I decided to take a closer look at them anyway.

One of the things that immediately made me happy was the color range. With the exception of maybe one (two?) colors, the range mimics that of the Sheer Glow Foundation range. There literally is a color for just about every skin tone, and undertone. Like Sheer Glow, I’m the color Tahoe.
The compact foundation comes separate from the holder (which you have to purchase for an additional $10). The idea is that you can change the foundation compacts out at your leisure. So technically, you’ll only pay for the holder once and just buy your replacement compacts as you need them.
The replacement compacts come with a sponge… which I will likely never use.
Now, it turns out this is a helluva formula. Oily skin is no challenge for this foundation, which goes on smooth, like a cream. It sets in about 15 seconds. It really holds up. Oily skin, humidity, sweat… this stuff holds up to all of it. I was really surprised. It’s such a ‘light’ formula… not like typical cream formulas at all. It’s weightless. This is a sheer to medium coverage. I found that one layer is pretty sheer… but you can build it to medium.
Really awesome foundation. Color me impressed. I didn’t expect to love this foundation, but I do. It’s simple to use (I prefer fingers, even to a foundation brush), sets beautifully, and wears weightlessly. I find the finish of this foundation very ‘natural.’ Even with medium coverage (it has to be layered to get that level of coverage), the finish looks like ‘skin’ — not overly  made up.It is imperative that you match your undertones with this foundation (if you’re familiar with NARS Sheer Glow, use that as a guide), to get the absolutely perfect finish. I was so impressed that Tahoe literally matches my skin, and gives me the ‘radiance’ of freshly cleaned and moisturized skin. It looks gorgeous on.

I just wish they’d done away with that horrid sponge. Just a petri dish of grossness waiting to happen. Never using that thing.

You can find out more about NARS Radiant Cream Compact Foundation HERE.


  1. Erin says:

    Thank you for this review! This product is on my wish list, but I wasn't sure how it would hold up on my oily skin. Now, I'll get it, LOL!

  2. This foundation is really a lovely surprise. I really didn't expect a 'cream' to hold up well on my oily skin, but it does! I definitely don't recommend using the sponge with it though… it eats up way too much product. I've been using my fingers, and that's working out beautifully.

  3. ahhhsoNeo says:

    I knew you would put up an informative review of this product! I have really dry winter skin and i'm looking for a new cream foundation for the winter. Thanks, I'm definitely putting this on my wishlist.

  4. You're so welcome! I really like the 'creamy' consistency of this product. It layers very well, and place nicely with skin care (I've been experimenting with more 'oily' forms of skin care with this foundation). I'm glad the review was helpful!

  5. shontay07108 says:

    I can't believe Tahoe is the right shade. I never considered it. I always looked at Macao and Cadiz and knew they were way off. I assumed I didn't have a match. I had to throw out my D&G cream foundation because it expired, so I will check this out before buying D&G again.

  6. Check out Tahoe Shontay. I think you'll be surprised. It's very yellow (not red like Cadiz), and leans toward caramel. It is the absolute perfect shade for me. I thought I needed Cadiz too, but Uzo (Intl. MUA for NARS) instantly steered me away from it. She told me it was too red… put both on either side of my face, and showed me the error of my ways. LOL I'm a bootleg NARS expert on foundations because of her. Natural light is key with trying these foundations. Walk away from the counter with a hand mirror (even as the SA insists that such and such is your perfect color) and see for yourself.

  7. That is.. PLAYS nicely with skin care. LOL

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