Flawless Finish: T. LeClerc Pressed Powder (Banana Doree)

Talk about a throwback! I came across this little gem tucked in the forgotten archives of my local Beauty Supply store… and thought that it absolutely must go home with me. This was the last one, and it was looking pretty rough around the edges, so the SA was lovely enough to give me a significant discount on it… which made my purchase that much sweeter.

The finish on this powder is amazing. In addition to softening the overall effect of the skin, I detected the smallest amount of shimmer. The distinct yellow color is amazing on my warm toned skin, and the subtle gold hue makes it even better.

This is a pretty heavy swatch. Diffused properly… it just leaves an airbrushed look to the skin. It makes me smile to use the word ‘airbrushed’ to describe the performance of such an ancient brand. I think that’s a true testament to the quality of this product. No special ‘pigments’ or light diffusers that were discovered by the light of the Harvest Moon at midnight on some obscure island… just good old fashioned quality.

T. LeClerc has been around since … well … EVER. My grandmother used to use it… I remember smelling her powders and potions on in her powder room when I was a little girl. I bought this powder because it made me feel… whimsical. And, in many respects, makeup is very much about how we ‘feel’ at any given time. This makes me feel… pretty… in a fairy princess kind of way. LOL

T. LeClerc is on the pricey side. This little gem retails for $49. You can find out more about T. LeClerc HERE



  1. Sahara says:

    LOL @ “No special ‘pigments’ or light diffusers that were discovered by the light of the Harvest Moon at midnight on some obscure island…!!”

    That powder looks truly lovely and perfect for your skintone!

    • LOL You know how companies love to tell you that they have one special ingredient that everyone else somehow missed, that makes their product the only thing on the market that does blah blah blah…

  2. Sahara says:

    I’m a complete sucker for old-fashioned, vintage pieces like this. I clicked on the link, but it looks as though this powder only comes in one color?! I was all set on making this mine but sadly I won’t be able to use it.

  3. Sahara, it does come in different colors on the website. I just linked to the color closest to my selection. It comes in a wide range of colors… suitable for every skintone!

  4. BooBooNinja says:

    The compact relief is utterly charming.

  5. I know… right? I love the look and feel of this compact. I’ve found that because of the shimmer, this is not an ‘all over’ powder, it’s a highlighting and finishing powder.

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