Glow On: Michael Kors Bronzer (& Bronze Brush)

Michael Kors’ philosophy has everything to do with the sun (in a manner of speaking). Everything in his brand, from apparel to accessories, invokes the casual elegance that comes with having more money and less concerns about getting money. The brand says ‘vacation’ on some island accessible only by private jet.

The new makeup line is no different. It’s a small line of bronzers, nail lacquer, lipsticks and glosses. There are also several fragrances (like Sporty Citrus) to complement the makeup.

I took a look at the line and found that the only thing that really spoke to me were the powder bronzers (they’re HUGE) and the lovely Kabuki brush. The look of this line is BOLD. Everything is golden and shiny and looks like it should be nestled in the sand next to clear waters off… again, that island that is only accessible by private jet. Yeah.

I got the bronzer in Glow, which is basically my skin tone, on its very best day. In fact, I found it very hard photograph because it matches my skin color exactly.

All that gold… the entire top of the compact is gold and the handle of the brush is gold.

See? You can barely see the swatch (it’s in the middle of the picture). I thought about covering the entire area with the powder, but thought it would be much more accurate if you can see it against my ‘un-bronzed’ skin. That aside, this stuff adds a sheer ‘glow’ that imitates skin in the best way. This is definitely the most subtle of the three. The other two (Flush and Beam) are much more pigmented. I personally found that they pulled ‘pink’ on me, and were a little too shiny in an obvious way.

You can find out more about MIchael Kors Beauty HERE.


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