Fitness Philosophy: Just Move

I’m of the belief that with the exception of a few endorphin junkies, no one really ‘wants’ to work out. We know that we should, we know that it’s good for us, but 9 times out of 10 we can always find a pretty legitimate reason ‘not’ to do it.

“I don’t have time”

“I’m too tired”

“I can’t afford a gym”

“It’s boring”

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

This is my philosophy:

I’ve never been one of those girls who can eat/do whatever and look fabulous. My reality is, I have to work for the way I look and the way that I feel. I’m the largest of my siblings (my sisters are lovely little skinny minnies), and most prone to develop muscle at a rapid pace. Without stretching, I’m prone to bulk up. I spent years fighting my genetics (it’s like ice-skating uphill), until one day I decided to STOP.

And take stock.

And do what works for ME.

I’m never going to be waif thin, with languid limbs that require little to no effort to keep shapely. I’m muscular. Its who I am. So I decided to embrace it, and become the strongest version of myself.

I do not believe in ‘one size fits all’ fitness. Anyone who tells you that one workout will change every body, is as delusional as the person who claims something will dramatically change ‘all’ skin or hair types. It’s simply not true. We’re unique… and the best way to embrace fitness is to find the thing that is uniquely suited to you.

My personal roster includes variety. Besides the fact that doing too much of the same thing will cause a body to plateau… I can quickly get bored with the same movement again and again and again… and eventually stop participating in that movement. So I mix it up.

On the occasions when I spend time in the gym, I do what I like to call ‘floor’ work. That includes using my body weight against itself to tone and condition. I’m not really one for circuit machines (personal preference); I like to do as much ‘free form’ working out as possible because I may not always belong to, or be near a gym. I don’t want to become dependent on ‘machines’ to do the work for me.

Aerial silk training is becoming my new favorite way to work out. No… I can’t do any of these moves pictured (yet),  but I’m getting there. It requires a substantial amount of upper body strength (which I was blessed with), and it’s definitely a workout. I’m concentrating more on getting the moves right (and not falling and busting my behind), than looking good. That will come. Since I started taking classes (several months ago), I’ve gotten incredibly strong from top to toe, and much better at facing my fears and hanging upside down with no issue. I will admit to the occasional bout of nausea (which I clear up with a little ginger), but otherwise, it’s just been about working hard and nursing my sore muscles in the following 48 hours.

Anyone who goes to my personal Facebook page, knows that I’m a massive fan of yoga. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid (with my mom), and have been on and off of my mat ever since. I’ve been on it consistently for the last three years… and I hope I never get off of it. Yoga is the most portable way for me to get the best workout. I don’t need anything but my body, and it’s made all the difference for me inside and out. Yoga helps me control my body in other workouts (it’s made me incredibly self aware), and works whether I do it for five minutes or two hours. It can be customized for any body type, and any particular way your body is feeling that day. Sometimes I’m strong, sometimes I’m not. Sometimes I’m balanced, sometimes I’m not. Every day I’m a little different, so every time I go to my mat, my yoga is different.

I will probably never stop running. I run indoors, outdoors, hills, treadmills, sand… you name it, I’ve probably run on it. I’ve been running since I was a teenager. It’s one of the few times that I really take to ‘myself’ to sort things out. I find the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other incredibly therapeutic. It clears my head, helps me plan my next move, and gets my blood going. I couldn’t ask for a better ‘all around’ workout for my body.

That’s it. Those are my basics. I don’t do any of them everyday… but I keep them in rotation and figure things according to my individual needs.

I feel like no one can force you to get in shape. And I don’t believe in being fit for anyone but me. In my opinion, fitness is internal. That’s the only way it can truly translate into external activity. You have to want it… for you.


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