Product Review: Prima Studio Barre Tank

This is one of the best tank tops that I’ve ever owned. No joke. I love it so much, that I bought three of them. Now, if you read my cheapskate post on fitness gear… you’ll know that I did not purchase three of these tops at retail ($78). I got them for a song on Gilt. I BELIEVE in Gilt. But that is another post for another day.

Here’s why I love this top. The FIT. This thing fits the way a tank should fit. I feel like it was made for me. It hits every place the way it’s supposed to, supports (with no additional ‘help’) everything that it’s supposed to support, and moves with every body contortion that you can come up with.

The other reason I love it is the function. It breathes (love the wicking technology) and gets all of that horrid sweat (for the record, I don’t perspire… I SWEAT) while I’m working out. The construction is noteworthy. This is not a delicate item of clothing. I’ve run this top through the paces, washed it a billion times, and it still comes out looking like new.

I feel GOOD in this top. I know that when I put it on, everything is secure (this is key) and I can do my WORST to it, and it’ll still come out looking like a champion.

Good clothing that performs above expectation is worth the price. Good clothing that performs above expectation and comes at a discount is PRICELESS.


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