Stay At Home Yogi (my favorite DVD’s)

Here in Southern California, there’s a yoga studio on just about every corner. Pick your practice… (traditional) Hatha… Bikram… Vinyasa Flow… you name it, someone is teaching it. You can find yoga in traditional gyms, in fancy little studios, and in apartments that double as living space on nights and weekends.

But not everyone is interested in a group practice. When I feel like I need a little alone time, I reach for one of my DVDs.

This is probably one of my favorites. This DVD has a ‘matrix’ that allows you to create your own workout. It’s amazing. I never get bored, and I can tailor my workout to be as long, as short, as easy, or as intense as I want. There are also four pre-set workouts, in case I’m feeling too lazy to choose.


Of COURSE Jillian Michaels got in on yoga. While she’s not the best teacher in the world for this practice (her inflexibility is epic), she does enlist the help of two other ladies to demonstrate the poses properly. And she does this thing where she ‘reps’ into the poses to keep your heart rate up, before you settle into the pose. It’s effective. I love it because it’s quick (half an hour) and it gets the job done when I need a little pick me up. It’s easy to advance past this DVD (the poses are very basic), but it’s good to go back to if I just need a little movement in the morning.


This is probably one of the oldest DVDs that I have for yoga. I used to be a huge ‘Firm Believer’ in college… I used all of their DVDs to stay in shape (my sister still swears by a few of them). I’ve evolved since then, but I kept this DVD around because it’s a nice way to get my body aligned. It’s not challenging, but it’s good for a basic stretch. Like Jillian, it’s only half an hour, so it’s great when I’m short on time.

I still really enjoy the group aesthetic, but every now and then I like to pop in a DVD and just really get into the space that is just me… and my mat.


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