Shahada Karim: Zombie Killer



Growing up is for grownups, and well… I’m not one. ;-). Now this is not to say that I don’t enjoy grown up things, because I do. But I reserve the right to tap into my inner child at a moment’s notice, and let all the rigidity and judgement and worry about how things appear to others fall aside, and let the wild haired little GI Jane come out to play.

So when hubby and I discovered a ‘Zombie Shoot’ … there was no questioning whether we’d go.

So I geared up… from top to tail and headed out to the TAC CITY warehouse for a little target practice. They set you up in a squad of 8, give you your mission and your gun, and send you into a dark warehouse that’s been set up like a maze. Inside, you clear corners of zombies (yes, you get to shoot them with your pellet gun), protect your objective (a scientist who insists on wandering off and making as much noise as  he can to attract the zombies), and stay alive.

zombieshootHere we are in the holding area, before getting called in. See how we’re all smiles? Yeah, that’s before we got dumped in the warehouse and had to survive! There are zombies EVERYWHERE… even on the way from the holding area to the Green Zone (where you receive orders). And here’s the kicker: some of the zombies are KIDS (I’m not sure how safe that is), and those little suckers come running at you and growling, and you gotta dodge ’em and keep running!


Yeah, we’re cool. Deal with it.


This is what we looked like after the second mission… EXHAUSTED! There’s a lot of running and tiptoeing and sidestepping (I dodged an ax weilding zombie… WHO SWUNG AT ME… twice!), and you gotta say ALERT. Those suckers come out of corners and try to bite (read: rip off the glow-in-the-dark antidote that hangs from your uniform) you at every turn.

Three hours and four missions later… I was SPENT. I got bit once, while trying to protect the objective. Hubby got bit twice. But in his defense, it was because he sacrificed his life to save the team leader. We had a ball. It was as awesome as I thought it would be, and a lot more physical than I’d anticipated. But it was worth every second.

Afterwards, we trudged home and I promptly fell into bed and slept until I woke up.

Here’s to ADVENTURE. May there never be time when I feel the need to set aside childish things.



  1. BooBooNinja says:

    This is awesome!!! Like laser tag, but BONKERS.
    You and your husband are cute.

  2. Thanks Boo Boo Ninja! We had a BLAST! 😀 I even got nicked in the leg when a pellet grenade went off. I was tired as heck when it was all over… whew!

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