Eye Adore: Chanel Eyeshadow Palette (Charming)

While other Holiday Collections are going all Shimmer & Shine (I’m looking at you Dior), Chanel opted for a more ‘subtle’ interpretation of the season. It’s a throwback to simpler times, when Chanel wasn’t fighting to keep up, and didn’t feel the need to douse EVERYTHING in sparkles and glitter for the Holidays. *I’m STILL recovering from that Feerie loose powder. Pink Glitter everywhere… ugh.*

Case in point: The  new Eyeshadow quint in Charming.

There is nothing obnoxious about this quint. In fact, I’ve heard many complain that it’s too subtle. I disagree. I am over the moon at the fact that there are more satins and mattes, and only ‘one’ complimentary shimmer. And the shadows are so silky, that not only is the pigmentation ridiculously high, there is NO fallout. Brilliant.

The first photo is without flash (which better reflects the true color of the shadows), and the second is with flash (the purple color on the end is not even remotely that pale in real life, under natural lighting).

Love the quilted pattern. Makes the eyeshadows look as soft and lush as they feel. The quality of these shadows is really unmatched. It’s often a challenge to get matte colors right. Chanel seems to have found the magic formula.

Do not be fooled by the second swatch from the left. The color is my flesh tone, so it just had an interesting time trying to show up on my skin. The last shade on the right is more of a matte eggplant… there are definitely some purple undertones. This is a refreshing change for Chanel, whose purples and plums tend to be a bit more vibrant, and less ‘dirty’ in hue. I love it.

The Charming Quint is limited edition, expensive ($80), and currently available on the Nordstrom website.



  1. I too love the fact that there is only one shimmer shadow in this palette. Absolutely classic, simple and divine!

  2. Niki I feel like sometimes the Holiday collections are SO glittery and shimmery, that it’s just too much. This is such a refreshing change.

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