Professional Grade: Channeling Cher


One of the twins wants to know if I can make her up to look like Cher? Hmmmm…


Okay, so this was the inspiration picture. Yeah… it’s watermarked all to be damned, but it’s the only one I could find. There’s shimmer turqoise on her lids… rimmed in brown and then lined in black. There’s tons of contour and bronzing… and a brownish sparkle lip.

Ninah’s eyes naturally slant up and out, so to round them up a bit, I cheated the contour and brought it from her crease down the sides of her nose. The bottom lashes really helped to round out her eyes as well. Instead of regular foundation, I used Skin Base AU to really bronze up her skin, and get foundation coverage. Her ‘blush’ is Guerlan Terracotta Bronzer in 03 (shimmer). Her lips are more ‘brown’ in person, with a gold overlay. I think the flash  makes them appear more orange.




  1. BooBooNinja says:

    You did a great job. I bet no one had to ask her whom she was dressed as.

  2. Thank you! She was very specific about the photos. I’m glad she told me because I was going to do more of a ‘black and white’ neutral look. But when she broke out the golden/turquoise makeup, I was game! 🙂

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