Sweet Sweat


I learned about this stuff from a DDP Yoga colleague. He came in all shiny at the start of class, and I thought he’d just worked out (bad idea before taking DDP Yoga). I was teasing him about it, and he told me that he’d just applied Sweet Sweat. My first thought was ‘gimmick.’ But then he started running the science.

c26-B001EN14CA-2-lSweet Sweat is supposed to be more effective than slathering your body parts in Abolene and wrapping them in Saran Wrap before a run (been there, done that). It’s more expensive too. I head over to GNC to find out how much it’s going to set me back, and find out that a little 6 ounce tube is nearly 30 bucks. What? Boo! Abolene is like 6 dollars, so this stuff better perform.


It does. I put some on several choice parts just before a run, and they broke a sweat almost immediately after the first few strides. The rest of my body caught up a couple of minutes later. I even put on a little before sitting in the infrared sauna (not recommended until you’ve mastered the sauna for a 30 minute stretch. Seriously), and I broke into an aggressive sweat within seconds of closing the sauna door.

body-sweatingColor me convinced. But, I did learn a little something while throwing a tantrum about the price at GNC. The guy who sold it to me told me you can get a similar effect by using Ben Gay. Only problem is… well… you smell like Ben Gay. 🙂

Hubby and I are done with tube #1 (took us about two weeks), and we’re about to crack open tube #2. Now, when we’re done with this tube, we’ll see about getting some more. If not, you’ll catch me at the local Walgreens stocking up on as much Ben Gay as my car can carry.

You can find out more about Sweet Sweat HERE.


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