Month: December 2013

Ending 2013 in a Purple Haze…

Happy New Year! Okay, it’s not officially 2014 here in Los Angeles, and I’ve still got a midnight yoga flow to commit to, but we’ve pretty much been celebrating all day. For makeup… I dug into the Chanel Spring 2014 collection. I used it on me, twice, and on Shayla

Chanel Spring 2014

Chanel released the new Spring Collection. Much like collections from Chanel in the past, this Spring Edition features a healthy mix of light and dark colors, with a distinctly ‘pink’ undertone. There is a little something for everyone. I passed on much of this collection. The quad didn’t move me,

Perfect Arches: Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow

Opinions on this  new addition from Make Up For Ever run the gamut. Some people love it, while others complain that the colors don’t work or it’s possible to look like they’ve drawn their eyebrows on with a Sharpie… Put me down among those who absolutely love this product. There

Last (Head)Stand of 2013

So…I can do a headstand. Middle of the floor, no wall, no help… ON MY OWN! It just kind of happened. Yesterday, our sub told us to practice inversions. She was very ‘free’ about it, no rules… just do what comes naturally. I went into crow, dropped my head, adjusted

Lip Service: Burberry Lip Cover in Oxblood

Burberry got it right. Most companies who try to release a dark maroon lipstick always end up going too far one way or the other. The color is either too light, or way too dark and goth looking. But Oxblood rides the fence between the two, making for a very

Eat Up: Stella Barra’s Pumpkin Spice Cookies

I’ve had these amazing cookies before. I’m not a fan of pumpkins or pecans, but believe me when I tell you that these are RIDICULOUSLY good. So when Daily Candy decided to put up the RECIPE for these babies, I had to share! Pumpkin Spice Cookies with White Chocolate, Cranberries,

Shahada’s Little Helpers: Skin Peels

Ever since I was introduced to peeling (earlier this year), I’ve been aware of other products that are not as strong but do amazing things for regular skin maintenance. I’ve come across two products that easily rise to the top of the list: This is sooooo good! First of all,

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