All Tom (Ford) all the Time.

So, part of my ‘birthday experience’ was a trip to the Tom Ford makeup counter in Vegas (we were there for many dinners and some shows). I scored what is likely the last Narcissist Blush on earth, plus She Wolf Eye Trio and Bruised Plum lipstick. I used the palette and blush on the trip, so they’re swatched already in these pictures. :-(. But I did manage to photograph the lippie unused.

She Wolf Eye Palette

I was all set to pass on the eyeshadow trios. I honestly didn’t expect to be impressed. But I have to say, they’ve exceeded expectations. The pigmentation is true, and the matte color does ‘not’ go on chalky (I was worried about that). Photographs really don’t do this palette justice. It is very ‘dusky’ in hue. The darkest color can easily translate to goth, so a light hand and lots of blending is recommended. And if you end up going too dark, the middle shimmer color is perfect for bringing the overall effect back ‘up.’ The sparkle shade, like all sparkle shades in Tom Ford Palettes, are best applied by hand ‘over’ your finished look. Rub your index finger in the shade, and lightly pat over the desired area. I picked up that little trick from a guy named Tito at Neiman Marcus, and it works like a charm.

Narcissist Blush

Believe it or not, this isn’t exactly a ‘heavy’ swatch. This is a very strong blush. The color is vibrant, and will work on a wide range of skin tones. But beware: a little goes a VERY long way! The blush texture is smooth and really blends out beautifully. I found it works best with a little bit of ‘golden’ or bronzy highlighter just above where you applied the color. The overall effect is beautiful and 3-dimensional.

Then I  blotted it all the way down to wear it as a stain…

Bruised Plum Lipstick

This color is more ‘berry’ and less ‘plum’ on my warm skin tone. I’ve heard that if you layer it with Tom Ford’s Wet Violet lipgloss, you get a much more plum effect. It works beautifully as a stain, and will wear all day if you set it with something like the gloss portion of Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Rouge.

More Tom Ford is coming. There were items that had to be ‘special ordered’ because they weren’t in stock at the store. The ‘In The Pink’ trio just arrived, and Savage Blush should be here any day!

More pics and swatches to come. Ciao for now!



  1. Some great makeup tips in this article. Drooling over Tom Ford products and looking forward to seeing more.


  2. I’ll get the rest of the pictures up this week Niki. There is so much to love about Tom Ford Beauty… 🙂

  3. meka says:

    Sheeee Woooolf! I want that palette so badly. In fact, I want every single thing that’s in this post. Since you bought the last Narcissist blush (ummmhmmm), I may have to gift myself the eyeshadow palette and lipstick. Thanks for the review!

  4. meka says:

    I just read your review re TF Cognac Sable. I like that palette even more. Which palette do you think I’d get more use out of if I prefer neutral eye looks? I like color…on other people. Lol.

  5. You’re welcome Meka! You’ll LOVE Cognac Sable. That’s one of the more versatile palettes in the Tom Ford collection. Golden Mink is gorgeous too. She Wolf is very smoky, and there is less variation to choose from. I’d say Cognac Sable is your best bet.

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