New Obsession: Himalayan Trading Post Candles

I am head over heels in love with this company. Most specifically, I am in love with their Bourbon Vanilla Candle. There is nothing like it. It’s so warm and delicious, and it fills up any given space with fragrance, before you even light it!

I found these candles while digging through a store in my old Hollywood neighborhood. It’s one of those luxury ‘general stores’ that have a little bit of everything (for more than a little bit of money). The candles were stashed in the back of the store. Quite honestly, had I not had a little browsing time on  my hands, I might have completely missed them.

Bourbon Vanilla

Madasgascar vanilla beans laced with a hint of malt whiskey, musk and amber.

As soon as I lifted the lid on the tester jar of Bourbon Vanilla, I was sold. It smelled so rich and complete. I immediately bought it and took it home to light it. The fragrance filled up half the house! I put it in the living room and opened every door… and I swear the fragrance traveled to every corner. It was amazing. I was almost sad to put it out at the end of the night.

The next day, I went back and bought up the rest of their Bourbon Vanilla stock. I must have this candle… forever. I also picked up the ‘Orange’ fragrance from this company, but I have to tell you that it doesn’t hold a candle (see what I did there?) to Bourbon Vanilla. I’ve never smelled a Vanilla candle like this. And I’m not even a big Vanilla fan.

The good news is, my local store just ordered more stock. The company is based in Decatur, Georgia… and I do believe you can order from them directly. So if I ever need a Bourbon Vanilla fix and I can’t find it at that little store, I’ll have some options.

I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be burning this candle for more than a little while.

You can find out more about Himalayan Trading Post Candles HERE.




  1. eight says:

    I really like the look of the candle holders they come in!

  2. They’re so beautiful! And they’re reusable. So when you’re done with the candle, stick the container in the fridge so the remaining wax gets really hard, and you can pop it right out!

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