Perfect Arches: Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow

Opinions on this  new addition from Make Up For Ever run the gamut. Some people love it, while others complain that the colors don’t work or it’s possible to look like they’ve drawn their eyebrows on with a Sharpie…

Put me down among those who absolutely love this product.

There are five colors… I ended up with the three darkest. #25 is an ash medium brown (looks like MAC Omega), #30 is a rich chocolate brown (looks like a warmer version of MAC Brun), and #35 is an ash black (looks like Suqqu Black pencil… which is actually an ashy green color).

They look horrid on their own, but in the brows they are absolutely marvelous. My personal preference is to mix #30 and #35. I’ve even worn #25 by itself (Burberry Oxblood FOTD).

This is my bare brow. There is no product in it at all.

This is what it looks like with MUFE Aqua Brow in #30. It’s still a bit on the ‘warm’ side for me, so I like to cool it down with #35.

This is the completed brow with #35 just dusted through the brow hairs. The combination immediately gives the appearance of thicker brows, and looks completely natural to the naked eye.

To help me with this look, I strongly prefer the Make Up For Ever #274 Brush. The dual ended spoolie/angled brush is perfect, and lets me get the job done in a single step. You can use any stiff angled brush, and I’d keep a spoolie around just in case you apply too much product.  Just run the spoolie through the hairs to break up the product. Works like a charm. You literally need a pin-head sized drop for both brows. A little bit of product goes a very long way.

You can even trick a shabby brow (like I did in the Burberry FOTD) by running the product through the parts you want to emphasize (like the arch) and popping a little concealer over the parts you want to hide.

Now, to the naysayers: Please keep in mind that Make Up For Ever began as, and primarily remains a pro-based company. That means there can be a bit of a learning curve with some of their products. Is it simpler to use a pencil (Shu Uemura and Anastasia make wonderful versions)? Yes. It’s even cleaner to use eyeshadow to shape a brow. But this is a whole lot of product, that can be mixed (I can hear David Hernandez yelling BE AN ARTIST!), matched and manipulated to go further than any pencil or powder. It’s genius. Give it time, practice, and I bet you’ll be likely to change your tune. 🙂

You can find out more about Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow HERE.



  1. Meka says:

    Hey Shahada! I hope you had wonderful holidays. I’m catching up on what I’ve missed over the last two or three weeks.

    • Meka says:

      Oops, I forgot to ask you about brows. When buying a colored brow product, should I buy black (as in Anastasia brow wiz) or brown? I’ve read conflicting things. I’ve read that I should buy a grey toned product. I have the Anastasia brow wiz in black and it can look too strong when my already full brows need to be done.


      • I personally think that a darker cool brown is the most flattering. Black can look ‘very’ harsh, and that grey toned black only really works with the darkest brunettes. It’s really easy for that color to go ‘garish.’ As long as the color is ‘cool’ you’ll be fine. Warm toned browns only really work on redheads. Hope that helps!

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