Month: January 2014

Product Review: L’Eclisse Translucent Pressed Powder

L’Eclisse Cosmetics came across my desk recently. The pretty feminine packaging instantly caught my eye (and made me think of my very ‘girly girl’ little sister). I’ll admit to being a little skeptical at first (lots of times with cosmetics, the ‘outside’ doesn’t match the inside), but I’m happy to

Say Goodbye…

… to 4 (four) Limited Edition Fragrances! They’ll be around until January 31st, and then they go away, until the weather cools down again at the end of the year: SOLSTICE: This sweet & spicy mix is a cult favorite. Every Winter, we roll out this unique blend of vanilla,

Eat Up: Onion Salsa

Once upon a time, when I lived as a single gal in Hollywood, I used to frequent the most awesome Peruvian restaurant. They make an ‘onion salsa’ that would send my taste buds to the MOON. Last night I was craving that salsa… and without a clue on how to

Professional Grade: Headshots for 2014

This is Dye-Anne: I think it’s fair to say that Dye-Anne is my right hand these days. She’s the smile when I need it, the organization when the situation demands it, and the calm to my ever evolving storm. She handles accounts, customers, snafus, delays, bumps in the road and

New Year… Old Fear…

…VANQUISHED! So, this happened: I officially joined in the beginning of December, and have been going pretty steadily ever since. Now that I can confidently push my body up into a headstand, I’m working on handstand and (as of yesterday) chinstand. OMG. Thanks to the phenomenal teachers at Core Power

Facebook Giveaway!

Hello Habibi Lovers! We’re giving away a full sized Habibi Body Balm, scented with an extra boost of Organic Lavender & Chamomile! To qualify, all you have to do is ‘like’ us on Facebook! Simply click or paste this link into a url: And like the page! It’s that

Professional Grade: Capo Nata Lifestyle Lookbook

Here are the pictures from the Lifestyle Lookbook. Once again, Makeup by me. Hair by Edica Casanova.

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