Professional Grade: Capo-Nata Active Lookbook

Sometimes I dig through the internet and randomly come across jobs that I’ve done, that I never knew actually got completed (so many projects get started but never finish in this town). I came across the Capo Nata Lookbook (which I talked about back in July on this blog)…

CN_active-lookbook_WNP-page-9 CN_active-lookbook_WNP-page-8 CN_active-lookbook_WNP-page-7 CN_active-lookbook_WNP-page-6 CN_active-lookbook_WNP-page-5 CN_active-lookbook_WNP-page-4 CN_active-lookbook_WNP-page-3 CN_active-lookbook_WNP-page-2 CN_active-lookbook_WNP-page-10 CN_active-lookbook_WNP-page-1…I actually had no idea that these had been completed. Makeup by me. Hair by the incomparable Edica Casanova.


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