Tom Ford Sheer Lipsticks: Spring 2014

I’m FINALLY getting the chance to review the lipstick collection for the Tom Ford Spring 2014 offering. Had FedEx done its job, this post would have come in January. But after ‘lost shipments’, phone calls, claims and a whole lot of colorful language… the lipsticks have finally made it to my doorstep.


I have to say, they are stunning. I thought that the ‘sheer’ nature of these lipsticks would be a deterrent, but there are a actually a few in the collection with very high pigmentation. Even the sheer colors aren’t much of an issue. They are all very beautiful, and suitable to a wide range of skin tones.

From the left: In the Buff, Pink Dune, Bittersweet, Summer Fling

From the left: Sweet Spot, Firecracker, Paradiso, Incorrigible

Tom Ford brought back the classic white packaging for this collection. I find that it’s appropriate for spring, although I do really like the darker packaging. Much more elegant. This has more of a ‘vintage’ feel, but I’ll be happy for the return of the darker packaging.

In The Buff

Pink Dune

(perfect companion to Pink Guilt Lipgloss)


Summer Fling

Sweet Spot




Although these are sheer and moisturizing, the moisture content is fleeting. I had REALLY dry lips halfway through these swatches, and needed a good scrubbing and a healthy dose of lipbalm to continue. Then I wore Pink Dune, and after a 4 hours the color faded, but the sparkles were all over my lips. So longevity is an issue. The best colors for me are Bittersweet, Firecracker (duh), Paradiso, and Incorrigible. The others wear well, but sheer. Even In The Buff looks good with a warmer lip pencil, to complement my warm skin tone. But the sheerer colors all fade fairly quickly. The more pigmented colors are quite the opposite. Not only do they stay put, but they even leave behind a bit of a stain. So the quality of these lipsticks run the gamut. I suggest trying them in person before committing. At nearly $50 a pop, this isn’t something you want to get wrong and get stuck with.

You can find out more about Tom Ford Sheer Lipsticks HERE.



  1. eight says:

    It’s too bad Pink Dune leaves sparkles all over the lips because I love the swatch! Firecracker looks great too.

  2. I’m going to use Pink Dune with Pink Guilt and see if I can make it last longer. It’s a gorgeous color. But it does not last on its own. 😦

  3. Firecracker is goooooooooooooooooooood. It’s one of my favorites. 🙂

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