Month: March 2014

Lip Service: Tory Burch Lip Color

I’m not really sure who to fuss at about this. Tory Burch for the lovely ‘on paper’ presentation but lackluster reality, or Nordstrom for the horrid … cheap… display of this makeup brand. I had to be led to the Tory Burch display so I could take a look at

The Gratitude Project: Get Shallow…

…with me for a minute and just entertain a recent experience that includes money, mayhem and the perfect way to confirm the Southern California Stereotype. So I’m looking at myself in the mirror like “Girlfriend you wanna be lookin’ like this”… … but better, ’cause well, only I can be

Professional Grade: Ben Nye Media Pro Poudre Palette (Bella & Mojave)

Since I’m consolidating my kit, it was only natural that I take a gander at the Ben Nye Powder Palettes. There are two palettes, and each one features eight colors, that cover just about every shade range. The Bella palette addresses fair to medium skin tones, and Mojave addresses warm

Gear Up: Lorna Jane Athletic Wear

I stumbled upon this brand while headed to Naimies to grab a palette for my little sister. The 20% off sign caught my eye… but a very particular tank top got me inside the store. Awesome, right? Love it. So I went in for the tank, and totally fell in

Life Lessons: I am Grateful for…

One of my yoga instructors is working with us on ‘gratitude.’ Even when we’re stressed or pissed off or going through changes, the challenge is to find something that you are grateful for. So far, it’s been interesting. I read a quote about humility that I found rather fabulous. It


For FACEBOOK: Taqwa A. Baker For INSTAGRAM: MAYBYRD! You both have already been contacted via instagram and Facebook. Please send your mailing addresses to the provided email address, and I’ll ship your prizes right out to you! Congratulations!

Fitness Folly: Taking it on the Chin

Yesterday I got VERY close to this: Okay maybe not very close. Sort of close. A little bit… look, you get the point. I have been attempting chin-stand for longer than I care to admit, and it’s been a beast. I’ve been using blocks (pain in the rear), and all

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