The Makeup Show LA (2014)

This rainy Saturday, hundreds of professionals and a whole host of other folks converged in Downtown LA for The Makeup Show. This was the first year I actually decided to work (instead of shop and spectate), so I went as press for AGENDA. The Makeup Show remains the less appreciated little sister to IMATS, but it’s getting better…

You guys know how much I love Hakuhodo. I had to show some love. They are introducing a new synthetic line, and also a version of the J-Series with pearlized white handles.

I checked out Graftobian for my little sister, but my real interest was in la maquillage, who makes a palette that sends my BBU version running for the hills. Quality, quanity, blendabilty, price, performance… it’s completely amazing. But more on that later.

Recognize the SKILLZ!

NARS came back! I was happy to see them. The Matte Multiples are fantastic… and I love this NARScissit Palette. All of it, worth every penny. I’ll show you why in an upcoming post.

Love these too! The level of sparkle is off the charts, and (thanks to an accompanying primer) they stay put like nobody’s business.

I’ll end with some shots from the amazing tribute to Kevyn Aucoin (that deserves its own post). All in all a good day. I may do it again tomorrow. More pictures, the haul (you KNOW there’s a bit of a haul), swatches, samples, and … a new giveaway is coming! Ciao for now!



  1. eight says:

    Man, I’d love to go to this! So many amazing brands.

  2. I have to say, The Makeup Show can be worth the trip if you’re looking to get all those brands in one place, at a fairly decent discount. I prefer this event to IMATS, which (for me) has turned into the Comic Con of makeup trade shows. They are on a quest to be all things to all people, and that sometimes means that actual artists needs end up being neglected.

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