Makeup Show Haul: Le Maquillage Pro Foundation Palette (Part 1)

Put down the BBU Palette and push aside Make Up For Ever… Le Maquillage is out to destroy everything  you ‘think’ you know about the ultimate foundation palette. This palette features THIRTY SIX different pans for foundation, concealer, and every type of color correction you can imagine. I have to thank my dear Stephanie for tipping me off about this palette. The wells are deep enough to hold an ample amount of product, and the formula itself is pure pigment. This means that unlike the BBU Palette or the Make Up For Ever Palette, you have to ‘mix’ this formula before you can apply it.

It’s impossible to get this palette at Nigel’s (local beauty supply), because it’s insanely expensive and even with a pro discount it’s not expected to be a high seller. So they have very few in stock, which are typically immediately snapped up by the artist who got there ahead of everyone else. I finally managed to get one at The Makeup Show LA.

The palette is about 11 inches long and about 6 inches wide. The wells are about 2 inches long, and at least an inch deep. Because the formula is pure pigment, you’re getting twice the product of a standard foundation palette. The palette leans to the warm side, but there is a neutral ‘white’ for any manner of mixing, and there is nearly a full row of paler colors (including several pink and lavender based versions) to adjust any foundation mix as needed. I’m particularly in love with the orange and peach ‘correction’ shades, and made special note of the ‘green’ shade to combat redness in the skin. And the foundation colors go SO DARK that I’d be hard pressed to find someone who ‘couldn’t’ match a skin tone using this palette.

This is a TRUE Pro Artist’s base palette. I do not recommend entertaining this palette if you only do makeup on yourself or on a low number of clients, because it’s pricey. The retail is $395, and the pro price isn’t that much lower. It’s an investment, to say the least. But if you regularly work on a wide range of skin tones, and never want to be at a loss for matching foundations or concealers, this palette is definitely worth every single penny.

In Part 2, I’ll demonstrate the ‘mixing’ technique for this palette, and put up swatches.

You can find out more about Le Maquillage Pro Foundation Palette HERE.



  1. That looks impressive! I’m not a makeup artist so obviously don’t have a need for such a thing, but it looks cool 🙂

  2. birdhawk3 says:

    “I’m particularly in love with the orange and peach ‘correction’ shades, and made special note of the ‘green’ shade to combat redness in the skin.”
    Sha, you’ve always been passionate about make up! I’m not much of a make up person myself, but I simply love your enthusiasm. I look forward to the second part of your post to see how you mix the colors. Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Thanks you guys! Acasualbeauty, it’s definitely something that should only be purchased by people who are gonna get their money’s worth. Birdhawk… love you! Thank you! 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on Sheena Danielle – SheeBeatsFaces and commented:
    Wow!! This is a must for the TRUE MUA!

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