Lip Service: Tory Burch Lip Color

I’m not really sure who to fuss at about this. Tory Burch for the lovely ‘on paper’ presentation but lackluster reality, or Nordstrom for the horrid … cheap… display of this makeup brand.

I had to be led to the Tory Burch display so I could take a look at it… past the gorgeous shiny displays for Giorgio Armani, MAC (naturally), and Chanel. sitting in the midst of all the lovely photos and amazing layouts is this little plastic ‘bin’ looking thing, with one of each item from the Tory Burch makeup collection sitting on top of it.

Just raggedy.

I ‘dig’ through the display to see what’s what. The lovely bronzer, that looks so pigmented in pictures, lacks any real color payoff… except perhaps on the palest skin tones. But the lipsticks are a different story. They look to be stronger in the tube than on the lips, and apply more like a shiny gloss (think, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine). So I end up with the darkest color (that’s not really dark at all), and a fabulous orangey coral color.

See how beautiful the tubes look? Classic Tory Burch pattern and color. And the gold is raised, which is nice. But the tube is nearly weightless, and that’s problematic. Think of the weight that a standard tube of Chanel, or even Hourglass (my hands down favorite presentation) lipsticks have. These tubes lack such weight… any weight actually, and the translation is ‘cheap.’

Knock on Wood:

This color reminds me a LOT of Clinique’s Black Honey Lip Color. It’s strong in the tube, but slick and sheer on the lips. A wide range of skin tones can wear this color with no issue. Initially, I was worried about it going goth, but it’s actually a very warm and inviting color.

Smack Dab:

This is my favorite of the two. Smack Dab is a warm, juicy orange based coral. The color is sheer, so the effect is flattering, not garish. If you don’t have Tom Ford’s Firecracker, this is a decent compromise for a little less money. You won’t get the presentation or pigmentation of Tom Ford, but you won’t be paying nearly $50 for it either. 🙂

These lipsticks are not bad, but I do feel that not much thought was put into this makeup line overall. It just seems to be done by committee, with no real thought about how customers might react to a $32 lipstick that feels and performs more like a $5 counterpart. I’m not sure who the audience is for this makeup line, but I think it’s fair to say that I’m not a part of that audience. I like for my makeup to make a statement from presentation to performance, and this makeup sort of gets lost in translation.

You can find out more about Tory Burch Beauty HERE.



  1. Helen says:

    Thanks for your honest review. I’ve had my eye on these. I’ll admit that the packaging was the main reason and I’m disappointed that they seem to have half-a$$ed it. The coral is lovely against your skin though. I might have to check that one out. I’m a sucker for coral!! What’s the wear time like?

  2. You’re so welcome Helen. The wear time is actually pretty decent for the coral color, because it has a bit of a stain. It stayed with me for about 6 hours. It doesn’t fade off, but the ‘shine’ goes away and the stain remains behind. But then your lips get dry so you have to reapply. The darker color (Knock On Wood) faded away (with no stain) after about 3 hours. Not really good wear time with that one.

    I really want to LOVE these, but I don’t. That packaging alone has me rethinking this brand. I just wish the mucky mucks in charge had paid more attention to what ‘luxury’ products should look, perform, and feel like. They have PLENTY of examples at their disposal. That’s why I mentioned Hourglass. They picked a theme (Old Hollywood) and carried it all the way through. That’s why it works. I’m not really sure WHAT Tory Burch is trying to say with these products. I kind of feel like they’re for people who don’t know about, or don’t really care about good makeup.

  3. beautysins says:

    The packing looks beautiful!

  4. jazz1 says:

    Thanks for another great review. I was drawn in by the packaging too. Thank you for removing the potential angst for me.

  5. You’re so welcome! 🙂 The packaging looks great… until you actually see it in person. Then you have a total WTH moment. LOL

  6. […] memesan dua, tapi berhubung salah satu warna yang saya inginkan, Smack Dab, di-review sheer di blog ini, saya mengurungkan niat dan hanya membeli […]

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